Coping with Grief and Loss

September 7, 2018 By admin

Coping with Grief and Loss

No pain can be compared to the loss of a loved one. Death is a part of our life and it must come to bring forth a new existence. But when it comes, it brings with it an overwhelming feeling of pain, denial and sometimes health effects that last for a lifetime.

To get out of the pain, we all have different methods. Others indulge in hurtful things like drugs. However, there are healthier ways of coping with grief and loss while gradually bouncing back to your normal life.

Accept the loss.

Loss of a loved can create a sense of emptiness and loneliness. It’s difficult to forget but not impossible to live with the loss.

Accepting the loss is a step in healing and can help you get back on track. While you can’t forget the deceased, leaving with their good memories will allow you to move on in life.

Face the loss.

Death is a painful occurrence especially when the death of a loved one keeps haunting you. We look for ways to run away from the grief. Some take drugs, others sedatives but in the end, grief overtakes you

Ignoring the pain is just an option that will be of use in the long-run until the pain strikes again. Facing the grief might be the best and long-lasting road to take.

Some healthier ways of facing the pain include;

  • Crying – it is said that tears are the best medicine for a painful heart. While it takes long to get over it, tears help in getting that excess baggage from the heart.
  • Screaming – When I talk of screaming, I don’t mean yelling at your son for not doing what he is supposed to That is the negative version of screaming which shows you have a problem with anger management.

The type of screaming am talking of is where you go to an open place and just shout at the top of your voice. Letting out your bottled up anger by screaming is a great way of letting out that excess steam. Screaming is considered therapeutic as it helps one feel free.

Seek Professional help.

While some may consider this being weak, seeking the help of an expert is a great way to cope with your loss. Share your feelings, your fears and listen in on the advice given and follow it promptly.

Avoid regrets.

If only we could stop death. But it is just part of us , unfortunately. So, don’t feel guilty of not doing something when the deceased was alive. Of course one can’t help but feel guilty.But instead of dwelling in the things you could not do, focus on what you can do now to make that person happy wherever he may be.

Steer clear of uncompassionate people.

Not everyone around you will understand your grief. Others may pass of discouraging comments that may otherwise make you feel weaker. For the period you are in mourning, keep a distance from them until you feel much better.

Keep the memories near.

Just because you lost your best pal, doesn’t mean all is lost. The memories you shared, the good old days will be a great boost to your morale.

Memories are a great reminder that though your buddy is no more, your ties live on forever and not even death can tear you apart.


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